11 Uses for the Glass from Picture Frames by Shannon L. Buck

photograph by cheriedurbin on morguefile.com(Frugal is Fabulous! Look for ways to repurpose items you think are not needed. Previously published on Y! Contributor Network.)

11 Uses for the Glass from Picture Frames

Picture frame glass is acquired in a variety of ways. Old frames may break, for instance, leaving the glass intact, or you may find some of these sections of glass at yard sales or junk shops. No matter how you come across them, know that they can be reused.

How you reuse these glass pieces will depend on the size of each, and you will want to be careful of their sharp edges. If it doesn’t matter how the glass piece looks, consider taping the corners and edges to prevent cuts.

The following are some ideas for reuse to get you started. See how many other ideas you can come up with.

1. Use a glass piece to pour paints onto when working on your art. You can use a variety of colors.
2. Use intact sections of glass to replace broken frame glass.
3. A section of glass might be placed under a candle holder on a coffee table or other surface. Wrap the outside bottom of the holder with a floral or greenery wreath, depending on the season.
4. Put an incense holder on top of the glass, to be used as a way to catch the ashes.
5. Use to top a small table, after covering with a table cloth. This will protect the fabric from dust and other things.
6. Place under pet food bowls to protect the floor. The glass will be easy to pick up and clean when you do not have time mop the floor. Be sure to tape the edges so your pet does not cut himself.
7. Put on center of the patio table for holding a potted plant.
8. Place on the dinner table to hold a centerpiece. A lace doily can be placed between the glass and the bottom of the centerpiece, for a more elegant look.
9. Small sections of glass can be used as coasters, to protect coffee and end table tops from moisture.
10. Glass might also be painted on. Nature scenes, animals for a child’s room or even designs can be painted onto the glass, allowed to dry and then sealed.
11. Use a piece of glass to cover a hole or crack in an old shed window. It can be duct taped into place.

As you can see, there is no reason for unbroken glass from pictures frames to be thrown away and shipped to a landfill. Doing so isn’t the most eco-friendly way of dealing with the glass. You will find plenty of uses for this type of resource around the home.


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