10 Uses for Old Sheets by Shannon L. Buck

Photograph by tranquillity on morguefile.com.(Previously published on Y! Contributor Network. Reusing items helps you to maintain a frugal lifestyle.)

10 Uses for Old Sheets

When you purchase new sheets for your bed, you can use the old ones for other purposes around the house or to make gifts with. Repurposing sheets is eco-friendly, because doing so keeps them out of landfills.

Cut the elastic away from the fitted sheet to make it flat, and wash before starting a project. Keep a variety of sheets in different colors and patterns. Choose one of these ideas for using the old sheets, or come up with your own.

1. Use a flat sheet as a quilt backing. Attach it to your finished quilt front as you would any other backing. Add batting for an inner liner if you wish to have a thicker quilt. The sheet can either match or contrast the front.
2. Collect used sheets of various colors. Use them to make quilting pieces 9-inch to 12-inch square. A simple quilt can be made using these.
3. Flat sheets are used to back curtains during the winter months. This provides an extra layer of insulation on cold nights. Or use a sheet to make thin curtains from, to use during the summer months.
4. After drapes are washed a number of times, their backing may start to fray or wear. This backing can be replaced with an old sheet.
5. A sheet will allow you enough material to make numerous drawer sachets. Simply cut two pieces from the sheet for each one you want to make, in the desired size. Sew the two sides and the bottom, right sides together. Hem the top and turn right side out, then fill the sachet 2/3 full with potpourri, and tie the top closed with yard or twine.
6. Use the sheets to make simple pillow cases. Measure the pillow and cut two pieces of sheet to the size needed, plus ¼-inch on all sides. Sew the two pieces right sides together, on three sides. Hem the open end and turn right side out.
7. Rip the sheets into squares that can be used for washing windows. These rags can be used for other purposes as well, such as in a shop for wiping greasy hands on.
8. Use an old flat sheet as a table cloth for the picnic table. Or as stand cloths for use in the living room or the bedroom.
9. Make a cover for a dog or a cat bed.
10. Make tote bags for use at the beach, by sewing three sides together and hemming the open end. Cut a strip of the sheet to use for the strap, twice as wide as desired. Fold this in half, sewing the open edge, and then attach the ends to the inside of the tote with more thread.

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