Top 10 Reasons to Hang out at Your Local Park by Shannon L. Buck

dscn0449.jpg(Previously published on Y! Contributor Network. The park is a place where you can hang out for free, or frugally depending on why you are there.)

Top 10 Reasons to Hang out at Your Local Park

Nice weather means that more people are outside. They are looking for things to do that will not cost a lot of money, but that will be enjoyable. Hanging out at the park is a great way to save money while having fun. You get to enjoy time spent outside with family and friends, or even by yourself or with business associates. There is plenty you can do at your local park.

1. If your park is near water, take some time to enjoy it. Swimming is an option in some areas, but simply sitting next to a river or pond to watch the ducks enjoy themselves is a relaxing activity.
2. Children will enjoy the playground, and have even more fun when a parent or older sibling play with them. Even as adults, people sometimes swing whether children are around or not. It is fun to act like a kid sometimes.
3. A shady tree will provide you with a wonderful place to sit while you read the latest novel by your favorite author. An area a little away from the crowd is best for concentration.
4. Many people play Frisbee at the park. It only takes two people to play, unless you want an entire crowd.
5. A small group of people can play a good, old-fashioned game of baseball at the park. You do not need full teams, but will need some sort of base markers.
6. A walk in the park is always enjoyable, and is a great way to get into, or stay in, shape. Walk alone or with your best friend.
7. Journaling is another great activity for the park. Find a bench to sit on, and write about your day or what you are observing while at the park. Journal about happy things, or how rough you may be having it right now. This can be a therapeutic activity.
8. Writers and others can work at their local park. Bring along your laptop and the few other necessities you need in order to complete your business tasks, and find a picnic table in the shade to work at.
9. Have a picnic with your children. Pack a lunch, or order one for delivery to the park. Be sure to explain to the driver where in the park you will be.
10. Set up business meetings at your local park. Bring along a small cooler with a lunch for you and your client, or waters and something to snack on while discussing business.

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