10 Ways to Reuse Small Plates and Saucers by Shannon L. Buck

(Originally published to Y! Contributor Network. Repurposing items is a frugal way to decorate.)Photograph by Earl53 on morguefile.com

10 Ways to Reuse Small Plates and Saucers

There has been so much waste going into landfills that more and more people are seeking out ways to reuse and recycle as many of the things they no longer need as is possible. Finding new uses for used items is more environmentally friendly than the alternative.

Small plates and saucers are items that can be reused for purposes other than that for which they were purchased. The uses for these items are numerous. Consider these ones, and come up with some of your own.

1. Use these plates as candle holders. You can place a big candle on one, that does not come in a jar. You might also place a votive candle that comes in a holder on a plate, which is less messy. Place one on each end table in the living room, and center three more on the coffee table.
2. Place a plate on your night stand to hold change and other small items, such as a pack of gum or your pedometer. Clean your pockets out each night before getting undressed, placing their contents in the dish.
3. Put separate plates in different locations throughout your home, such as on the mantle and a dresser top. Fill each plate with your favorite scented potpourri.

Broken plates and saucers can be used for different types of projects. Creating mosaic designs is common, and are possible to make when you have a variety of broken plates and saucers saved. They will need to be broken into manageable sizes, which is done by placing them into a large paper bag, closing it and using a hammer to break the plates. Some projects you might consider include:

1. Decorating a table top, which can then be protected by a piece of glass that has been cut to the correct size.
2. Using the broken pieces to create a design on the outside of a planter.
3. Attaching them to the top or front of a headboard, the dresser and the night tables in a bedroom.
4. Creating a design around the bathroom mirror, as a border.
5. Using the pieces to decorate around a door frame.

It is possible to collect enough small plates and saucers in the colors of your choice if you keep an eye out for them within the community. Whenever someone is cleaning out an attic, you can mention that you would take them off his hands. You will often find old saucers at yard sales and thrift shops. Get the word out about what you are looking for, and people will hand them over to you if they no longer need them. Do not forget to mention that broken plates are welcome.

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