What to do with Plastic Drawer Units by Shannon L. Buck

By: curugon on morguefile.com
By: curugon on morguefile.com

(Originally published on Y! Contributor Network)

What to do with Plastic Drawer Units

These units of drawers come in a variety of sizes, and their uses will depend on what size units you are using. They can be used to hold a number of different types of items, and will help you to organize your home, garage or work space.

1. Larger drawer units will hold fabric, allowing you to separate by color scheme or type. Organize fabric scraps using the units as well.
2. Yarn can also be organized in this manner.
3. Candles and holders, as well as incense and lighting tools, can be stored in these types of drawers for easy access.
4. A unit of the drawers will organize children’s craft supplies as well, making them perfect for a daycare center.
5. Separate office supplies into the drawers when you purchase in bulk. These supplies will always be on hand so you do not have to run to the store during the work day.
6. Cans and boxes of pet food can be stored in one of these units.
7. A teacher may use one or more sets of these drawer units to separate out supplies, or for use when organizing student projects. Each child may have their own drawer.
8. In a babies room, you will be able to organize all of the accessories that come from the baby shower. Socks, mittens and bath supplies are just the beginning of what these drawers will hold.
9. Placed in a child’s bedroom, the units can help to organize Barbie doll accessories, hair ties or match boxes. Lincoln Logs and Lego’s can also be organized this way, if the drawers are big enough.
10. A cook can utilize drawer units by storing mix and drink packets in them, or even snack items.
11. Put a unit with deep drawers in a garage or shed to hold small tools and other mechanical or building needs.
12. In a teens room, the drawers will hold music CD’s or DVD’s, or even game disks.
13. A small unit placed on a desk will hold stationary, stamps and envelopes, as well as bills that need to be paid.

Once you are finished using these drawer units for one purpose, they can easily be repurposed for another. This is eco-friendly in that they do not have to be thrown into landfills. They can even be sold at a yard sale when no longer needed for anything.

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