5 Ways to Decorate Walls by Shannon L. Buck

(Originally published to Y! Contributor Network. Look for frugal finds at yard sales and thrift stores.)

5 Ways to Decorate Walls

Walls may be decorated in a variety of ways, from painting to displaying artwork. Anything is acceptable, so decorate to your tastes and don’t worry about impressing others. After all, you are the one who has to look at the walls on a daily basis.

Nature Photos

If you are a photographer, or if you know one, you will be able to get an assortment of nature photographs to choose from for this project. You can include animals in the photos, or even old buildings. Whatever you feel will make good artwork for a bedroom, dining room or living room.

Have the photograph that you ultimately choose enlarged to fit the desired section of the area where it will be hung. Once enlarged, this photograph will be cut into three sections. For instance, you may want a large middle picture with two skinny outer pictures. Or a slim center photograph with two medium size outer ones.

Have these photograph sections matted and framed separately, to match the décor in the room where they will be hung. Once these framed photographs are in place, hang a wall sconce on the wall between each end picture and the corner or end of the wall on that side.

Family Portrait

Center a large, framed and matted family portrait centered on the wall. Have a separate portrait of each family made up, and matted and framed to match the family one. These portraits can be done in either color or black and white.

Hang these photographs, centered, to either side of the family portrait, placing the same number of framed pieces on either side. If there are three to one side, then there will be three to the other.

Movies and Books

Movie posters are one option for a family or media room. They can be framed, but do not have to be. The choice is entirely dependent on what you like. Dust covers to books might be framed and hung in a wall in the library, or whatever room you keep the majority of your books in.

Decorative Touches

Try decorating the walls around a door or entry way, or even the area around a window, with sponge art. This is done using sponges cut into desired shapes. Simply dunk one side of the sponge in the paint, wiping the excess paint off, and touch the sponge to the wall. You could also use stencils, or try your hand at using rub-ons.

Mirror and Candle

If you have a narrow wall that you have not found a way to decorate as of yet, purchase a small to medium size mirror to hang on it. Attach this mirror to the wall at a height where you can see your face when you look at it when standing. Below this, hang a small shelf. Put a candle that has been placed in a decorative holder on the shelf, to use when you want to see the reflection of the flame.

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