Turn an Old Metal Pot into a Planter by Shannon L. Buck

By anitapeppers on morguefile.com(Previously published to Y! Contributor Network.)

Turn an Old Metal Pot into a Planter

Deep granny pots can sometimes be found in an attic, an antique shop or at a flea market. These are the speckled pots from yesteryear. Even if you can’t or won’t cook with one, a pot can be put to good use. Using a pot such as this as a planter will add a decorative, old-world look in your garden.

The pot needed for this project does not have to be in perfect condition. It can be banged up, and their can be rusted out holes in the bottom. The pot will be repurposed as a planter, until it is no longer usable.

What You Need

A pot
Safety glasses
Seeds or seedlings
Watering can

Preparing to Plant

Wash the pot in warm soapy water before using it as a planter. Scrub inside and out well, then wipe the entire thing down with a dry towel. Set the pot aside, upside down, to continue to dry thoroughly while you prepare to do the planting.

Get everything ready to begin the planting, placing what you need on your gardener’s desk so that everything will be within reach while you are working.

Put on the safety glasses and use the drill to create drainage holes after turning the pot upside down on the work surface. Drill holes at the bottom of the pot, as well as up the sides about 1 inch.

Doing the Planting

Place the pebbles from your gardener’s desk into the bottom of the pot, at a 1 to 2-inch depth, to provide extra drainage for the planter. Fill the rest of the pot with soil, up to 1-inch from the top. Level the soil out.

When planting seeds, use your finger to create indents on the soil up to ½ inch deep, depending on the seed packet instructions. Place the seeds into the indents, and cover with more soil. When planting seedlings, be sure to cover the root system with soil completely.

Setting Up the Planter

Take the planter outside and place it in the garden where you want the plant to grow, such as at the corner of a raised bed. Try placing it on a garden table or a porch step, if desired. Water the seeds or seedlings once it is placed where you want it.

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