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Using Metal Plant Stands in the Garden by Shannon L. Buck

(This article was originally published to Y! Contributor Network on November, 5th, 2010. I thought it might be useful to those of you who love to garden. This is a great way to recycle old metal plant stands.)

Using Metal Plant Stands in the Garden

Metal plant stands with tiers are used for a variety of purposes. Most often, these stands hold flowers or other plants that have been planted in some type of container. The stands can be used as decorative elements in a flower garden or as imperative parts of an herb or vegetable garden.

Choose sturdy plant stands for your gardening needs. Also look for stands that will match other elements of your garden, such as the furniture placed within the area. These stands can also bring some of your plants off the ground,creating height variations within the garden.

Seedling Growth

Use the tiered stand to allow seedlings to grow, while freeing up the space where the seed were started within the home. Bring the seedlings outside and place them on the tiers of a long rectangular stand. Cut the bottoms off from plastic milk jugs, and place these over the planters holding the seedlings after they have been watered. Transplant these into the ground once the soil is warm enough.

Growing Berries

Grow berries on a circular, two-tiered plant stand. Place strawberries in one pot, and blueberries in another. Keep these pruned so that they don’t grow too far out of the planters, but allow them to creep over the sides a little. Switch them up sometimes, changing what plant is on the top tier, and turn the pots so that all sides of each plant get light directly from the sun.

A Salad Garden

A three-tiered, rectangular plant stand a few feet wide will hold a complete salad garden. Place a potted tomato plant on the top tier, as well as a cucumber one. Plant herbs for your salads in a long rectangular shaped planter. Choose herbs such as chives and parsley. Put a long planter filled with lettuces and spinach on the third tier. Be sure that the lettuces chosen are the loose-leaf variety.

Pick the fruits of the tomatoes and cucumbers throughout the harvest season, and tear the leaves off the spinach and lettuces as needed. Snip parsley and chives to add to the salads, and remember that the blossoms on the chives are also edible.

An Herb Garden

Purchase a planter that folds out, creating steps of a sort. Place a planter of herbs on each step, or more than one planter on each if the shelves are wide enough, creating a tiered herb garden. Use herbs such as sage, rosemary and dill. Try chamomile and lavender as well. Snip the herbs when needed for different recipes.

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