Things to Buy for a new Baby

A new baby is an exciting experience for mom and dad. You want to be sure the baby will have all the things necessary to begin life with, and that the nursery is a pleasant place to be in.

Once the baby shower is over, sit down together and decide what new items might still be needed for your baby. Consider what you will need for the nursery, for feeding the baby and for when you are on the go. Think about what your lifestyle is, and make a list of the items that you will need to buy to incorporate your new baby easily into your life.

The Crib
Consider a crib that grows with your child. One that can go from being a crib to being a toddler bed, then will be able to be turned into a twin size bed. Buy crib bedding to match the décor of the nursery. Sheets, a thin blanket and a comforter or quilt will be necessary.

A Changing Table
This handy piece of furniture provides a place for changing the baby, as well as storage for much-needed  items such as diapers, baby wipes and changes of clothing. Buy a trash can to place near it if you are  using disposable diapers, or a diaper pail if using cloth.

Fill a Dresser
A five drawer dresser will hold clothing in the first five sizes your baby will need. Buy clothes in these sizes so they are always on hand, placing the smallest size in the top drawer and working your way down. As baby grows out of one size, bring each drawer of clothes up a level and buy clothing for the next size.

For the first few sizes, onesies are the most important article of clothing to have plenty of. Socks are next, then sleepers. Depending on the season, you will want either light or heavy sleepers. A few pant or short outfits will also be necessary, as well as a couple of dresses for girls. Shoes can also go in the drawers, or be placed on the top of the dresser.

A Rocking Chair
Always a good idea, you may want two. One for the nursery, and one for the living room. These gives you a place for rocking the baby while feeding, and to rock her to sleep. It may be helpful to have cushions fitted to each of these chairs.

For Feeding
A high chair will be needed for when the baby can  sit on her own, but there are things you should buy to use from the beginning. Bottles and nipples, for instance, and a bottle brush for cleaning. Large bibs are better than small at keeping messes under control, and burp rags will be necessary during the first few months.

It is wise to keep a bowl or plate on hand, as well as a few baby spoons. You may be using them sooner than you think. Buy sippy cups as well.

On-the-Go Needs
A car seat is essential. An infant one that doubles as a baby carrier is handy at first, and you will need a larger one to use when that one is outgrown until your baby is ready for a booster seat. A stroller will be helpful when you want to go for a walk, or while shopping. And a portable playpen will give your baby a place to sleep while away from home.

Buy a couple of baby bags as well. Keep one packed for you, and one for when the baby visits with friends and family without you. Be sure to keep replacing clothing and diapers with new ones of proper sizes each time your baby grows. Always keep the bags filled with formula and bottles, burp rags, and food and feeding utensils. Baby’s wipes and rash cream should also be placed in each bag, as well as a fever reducer with the correct dosage written on the bottle.

Bath Time
Towels and wash cloths are also necessary, as baby  bath, shampoo and lotion. Powder will come in handy, as will nail clippers and cotton swabs.
With these items, your baby will have all the necessities to begin life. Now you can concentrate on buying fun things for the baby to play with, and on what you want to buy for decorating the nursery.


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  • There are many ways to save money on baby needs. For instance, people whose babies have outgrown things will often pass those items along. Also, clearance sales are a great way to acquire some items, as are dollar store, yard sales, and thrift stores. You will also get many things at your baby shower, so it is best to wait until after that party to buy anything yourself.

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