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Easy Crafts for Teens

(I originally published this article on as Easy Crafts for Teen Girls, this article is still valuable. Yard sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, and clearance sales are the best for finding materials. When my daughters were growing up, I would save all my leftover materials from projects I had don so the girls and their friends, as well as the daycare children, would have materials to work with that did not cost an-arm-and-a-leg.)

Teen girls often enjoy the act of creating things, either for themselves, their friends or as gifts for others. Simple supplies can be kept on hand, making it easy for them to be creative when the mood strikes.

There are many easy crafts that teen girls can do, from scrapbooking projects to painting ones. Keep a variety of paints and brushes, scrapbooking and card making supplies, glues and fabric paints at the ready, as well as a variety of other materials.

Wood Painting

Paints and assorted size brushes will be needed for these projects, along with unfinished wood items such as birdhouses, ornaments and boxes. For items that will be used outside, a medium for waterproofing will also be needed. Birdhouses painted in bold colored patterns are interesting, and boxes for jewelry might be decorated with flower shapes. A teen might paint a set of wooden ornaments to give to her parents or grandparents for Christmas.

Fabric Painting

Plain tee shirts, hats and socks, as well as pillow cases and purses, are easy for a teen girl to decorated using a variety of fabric paint pens. Bold or bright colors, as well as pastels, will allow for many decorative styles. Suns and moons, flowers and trees, and even animals can be painted on the fabric, as well as many other things. Tie-dye kits will also be useful.

Scrapped Pages

A teen with a scrapbook will be able to add to it each time she receives one or more pictures, or even some form of memorabilia such as movie or concert ticket. A box of supplies including decorative scissors, scrapbook paper, adhesive and stickers will go a long way for a scrapbooking teen. Add borders and journaling cards so she can make each page special. Journaling pens will be helpful as well. Be sure all materials are photo safe.

A simple page is made by covering an album page with decorative paper, and attaching a border to a side of the page, or even to the top or bottom. The picture is centered at the top, and a journaling card, complete with details about the photograph, is centered at the bottom. A few stickers are then placed here and there on the page.

Card Making

Girls will also enjoy card making. Their projects will be given to friends and family for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Pre-folded cards and blank envelopes are necessities, and an assortment of journaling pens. Stickers are helpful, as are other scrapbooking embellishments.

The front of a card is decorated with embellishments, or a drawing is made using the pens. Then a saying is written on the inside of the card. Once dry, the card is put into an envelope.


When she has a poster she no longer wishes to hang on her wall, a teen will sometimes decorate the back of it with any number of things. Pictures of her favorite television, movie and music stars are cut from magazines. Slang terms used on a regular basis may be written using permanent markers of different colors, and photographs of crushes and friends are cut to fit where she wants them placed. Everything is glued into place, with borders and other designs drawn into the mix. Stickers, movie tickets and other items are also added to the mix.

Given a variety of assorted supplies, a teen girl will come up with endless projects to keep herself and her friends busy. They will be used during slumber parties, or during inclement weather. And when she wants a relaxing day at home or needs a gift for someone.

(NOTE: My daughters also enjoyed making candles from leftover wax and used candle jars. As long as teens are aware of safety measures, this project is a fun one. I was always nearby when they were making these.)

(NOTE: Boys also enjoy these activities, but the aim of the article for the publisher was girls.)


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