After Christmas Shopping at Walmart

I managed to get in some more after Christmas shopping. Walmart is having a 75% off all holiday items clearance sale, and I took advantage while doing some grocery shopping. They were pretty well picked over, but I did find a few gems I thought I would tell you about.

If you have a few dollars to spare this month, you might consider running over to pick up what you know you will use next year for wrapping, gift giving, decorating, and storage.

What did I get?

2 Christmas stockings at .24 each

7 gift boxes at .25 each

2 packs 100 ct miniature colored lights at .62 each

4 (80 mm) clear plastic ornaments for filling at .24 each

1 (4 pack) holiday pencils/erasers at .49

1 pack treat bags at .36

7 (4 pack) holiday pins/buttons at .25 each

1 roll purple glitter tape at .49

SUBTOTAL = $7.52

SAVINGS = $22.56

I was very impressed with this shopping trip.

Have you found any good deals on holiday items at Kmart? Share with us in the comments, or email me at

Happy shopping!



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