SYW Surprise Points

I have a Shop Your Way rewards card for K-Mart. I buy what I can get good deals on there, and rack up points until I can get free stuff.

Recently, I have been receiving surprise points. Usually you get these because you purchase certain things, but the last 4 times they have put the points on my card for no seeming reason. I haven’t even been spending much money at the store or online in the last couple of months.

The first time they did this, $3.00 in surprise points went on to my card. How did I use it?

I got a couple of ornaments free.

The second time, I received $7.00. After my purchase was rung up, I ended up paying just a couple of dollars out of pocket. What did I buy?

A journal, a binder, and a package of binder dividers.

Next, they put another $7.00 on my rewards card.  I paid only a few $0.75 out of pocket for my items. They were already on sale at $3.99 each. What did I decide to purchase?

2 clearance plastic storage boxes.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015.Last week, they gave me another $7.00. Today, I paid only $0.85 out of pocket for

4 dish towels.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015Not bad, for goods I barely paid anything for. They can add surprise points to my card any time they like.

Has this been happening with anyone else? Share your experiences in the comments, or email me at



4 thoughts on “SYW Surprise Points

  1. Hi Shannon, I agree, SYW surprise points are great! I haven’t used them at Kmart yet, but I paid a happily low price for a memory foam pillow this past Christmas using surprise points from Sears. Do you find that you get the surprise points throughout the year? I found that around Christmas time, surprise points were added to my card several times, but I was wondering was that just because it was Christmas and Sears/Kmart were trying to entice people to shop. I don’t remember getting them prior to this Christmas season. Happy shopping and saving!

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