Savings on Autumn Needs

I did not need much for the autumn season this year, because I mainly only decorate my window area. Renting a room as I do, there is not much need for a lot of decorations.

Raffia left over from my daughters engagement party was used. And I already had window clings, as well as paper pumpkins I made a couple of years back. When bringing more stuff to my room for storage, I even found a few decorations the children made me while growing up.

Last month, a kind guest at the hotel (where I work as a Front Desk Agent) gave me $10.00 in Kohl’s Cash. I decided to use it to stock up on some candles for November. They were having a sale on autumn scented Yankee Candles, and I was looking for votive candles.

The candles were regularly $1.99 each, on sale for $1.49. I chose 7 votives of different scents. After using the $10.00 Kohl’s Cash, I only had to pay $0.45. $.02 of that was tax. I guess you don’t pay tax on Kohl’s Cash purchases. The receipt says the total saved was $13.60.

That same day I visited A.C. More. I was right in the area, after all. I just wanted to see if they were having any sales. They were!

I bought a garland of oak leaves. They were regularly $6.99, on sale for $4.19. Three piece gift sets of small, assorted autumn scented, jarred candles that are usually $4.99 were being sold for $3.88.  I saved $3.91.

Also last month. The bestest and I took my niece to visit my daughter Skye up north. We stopped in at a roadside stand where they were selling good size pumpkins for only #2.00.

These purchases rounded out my holiday decor nicely.

Share about your autumn savings in the comments below, or email me at



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