Business Idea: Trash to Treasure

Image By: alvimann at
Image By: alvimann at

If you are living frugally out of necessity, you may be open to a business Idea. I have seen wonderful creations made from people’s cast-offs. Tables and benches that have been redone, candlesticks made from shortened bedposts and other items, and little girl dresses made from old pillow cases. There are a plethora of things that can can be made from “trash”, if someone wants to take the time to do so.

Many of the items used to make “new” things can be found free of charge, or at a small cost. When figuring the price you want to sell for, consider the cost of the item(s), as well as the cost of materials needed to fix it up or to create something new. Also, figure in your time. Small items will not take as much of your time as larger items. The more time you spend creating or fixing something, the more you can charge.

Not only can you earn money on these items, but you are also preventing unnecessary waste. There is no reason for much of what goes into landfills to be placed there. You can prevent this waste by working with cast-offs, earning yourself a little money on the side. Who knows, you may decide to make a career of it.

This venture may be an in-season one, gleaning from yard sales and flea markets, as well as community clean-up days, or it might be a year-round one. You decide. Maybe it will simply be a when the mood strikes kind of deal. However you look at it, you can be earning money.

Making this a business venture means spending a good deal of time on it, likely year-round. If you want to consider it a business, then you will have to invest the time and some amount of money up front to get started. And you will have to learn some basic business practices and at least minimal record keeping skills. Keep receipts. All of them. And an inventory list.



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