Live on Less

Photograph by: Clarita on
Photograph by: Clarita on

In order to live on less, it is necessary to make some tough choices. You have to be aware of what is truly necessary in life, and what is not. The difference between wants vs. needs.

For instance, having a cell phone so you can keep in touch with people no matter where you are is a desire. A want. Not a need. On the other hand, having a cell phone because you have a child with a serious medical condition might be classified as a need. People should be able to contact you at any time if there is a problem. Now, having a cell phone with the ability to get online is not really a need, unless you are a business person who uses certain apps for that business.

Now that you can pin point exactly what you need, this tips will aid you living on less:

  1. Start looking into ways to save money on utilities. There are ways to use water, gas, oil, electricity, etc. that will save you money. Research ways online, and check with your local utility companies.
  2. Find ways to spend less at the grocery store. Think store brands, and coupling coupons with sales, including clearance sales.
  3. Figure out how you can spend less on clothing and other basic needs. Visit church and other thrift stores. Come up with a yard sale plan. Wait for sales. You can even purchase items online with coupons.
  4. Decide what you have to spend more on. For instance, someone with bad feet may need to purchase Sketchers with the rounded bottoms or their feet will hurt them so badly they cannot walk. This is fine. Cut corners elsewhere. NOTE: I do have this issue, and I buy Sketchers to help with my foot problems. They are sold on the sketchers website. These sneakers used to cost over $100.00, but the site has them reduced to under $50.00. The last time I had to make a purchased, I found a coupon that enabled me to purchase two pair at about $70.00. I was very happy with that purchase!

Let us know how your family is living on less in the comments, or email me privately at I always answer my emails 🙂



3 thoughts on “Live on Less

  1. Good advice. As regards the grocery shopping, my wife and I have also found that it help to limit trips to the store to once a week. Living five minutes from a Walmart had us visiting almost daily and as a result we were spending more on food than we needed to. Now that we go once a week we avoid temptation and eat the food we already have before it goes bad.

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