Top 10 Tips for Frugal Living

Image By: cohdraon
Image By: cohdraon

With the need to spend so much money on rent/mortgage and the bills, it is necessary to save money in other areas of life. Living frugally is becoming a necessity for more and more people each year, and these tips will help you along the way:

  1. Look for other modes of transportation to get you back and forth to work, as well as to other places. Transportation for a Healthier Planet will provide you with good ideas that will save you a good deal of money.
  2. How to Reuse 10 Common Household Items will set you along the path of saving even more money, and give you ideas for reusing items.
  3. Stop using cheap plastic food containers. Consider buying glass containers, and using canning and other jars. Save money in the long run, and be healthier.
  4. If you are a crafter, learn to repurpose your old scraps. Doing so will provide you with plenty of opportunities for new projects that you will spend next to nothing on.
  5. There are programs out there specifically geared toward helping seniors. Read Free Food for Seniors if you are low on money.
  6. Find different ways to entertain your family, such as going for nature walks or hanging out at the park. These activities are free and will bring your family together more than going to the movies.
  7. Learn how to orchestrate affordable celebrations for Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. And find ways to make gift giving more affordable.
  8. Shop the dollar stores when it will really save you money.
  9. Take advantage of store rewards programs. Use the cards during sales (with coupons!) and earn points toward free merchandise.
  10. Shop yard sales productively. Remember to always have a plan.

How do you practice living the frugal life? Share your best tips in the comments, or email me personally at



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