Tips for Stocking Your Pantry: Food, Personal Hygiene, and Household Items

Photograph by: JessicaGale on
Photograph by: JessicaGale on

With regular food costs, as well as prices of other necessary items, not getting any lower, it is important to find ways to cut costs as much as possible where we can. If one has the space, a pantry is a great way to stock up on items in a way that saves money over the long run.


There are some simple ways to save money on items you will need over a period of time. For instance, you can:

  • Shop when items are on sale, for starters.
  • Better yet, clearance sales save even more money. Be sure to check expiration dates. You will want to use these items before they go bad.
  • Couple a regular or clearance sale with coupons for more significant savings.
  • Always keep money in an envelope, placed in your purse. This money is set aside to be used specifically for stock up purposes. You never know when a store may be having a good in-store deal that has not been advertised.
  • Be sure you are only buying what you will use. It is a waste of money to let products expire.
  • If you can get items free of charge with coupons, do so. Even if you will not use them, someone you know may want these items. Or, you can donate them.
  • When you patron yard sales, look for items such as partially used shampoos and conditioners. You can often get an almost full bottle for a quarter. Even new bottles of personal hygiene and cleaning supplies can be purchased.
  • Also at yard sales, you may find Mary Kay, Tupperware, or even Avon items, all new, at great prices. Stock up when you do, if you will use the items.
  • Dollar stores are great as well. For example, shampoo is sold for a dollar. If you have a coupon for just a quarter off, you are only going to pay .75. Ask at each location you frequent if they accept coupons, as many do. If you can find .50 cent coupons on any items, or better ones, try to find more coupons and stock up.

How do you save money on stock up items? Let us know in the comments, or email me personally at



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