Top 5 Frugal Living Posts in 2013

Photograph by: Clarita on
Photograph by: Clarita on

The new year has begun! Last year was a good year for this blog in a few ways.

The year generated a lot of traffic, and netted me many personal emails from readers like you. I was able to be in contact with a few of you over a period of time, giving guidance through some tough financial time. It feels good to help others. To be able to aid people in learning how to live in hard times, being able to reassure them and offer up advice that will get them through.

These were my top 5 posts in 2013. Most of them were actually written in previous years, showing that this blog has been aiding other for a good number of years.

  1. USDA Thrifty Food Plan 
  2. Free Cell Phones for Low-Income People
  3. Living on a Food Budget of $121.00, for 2 People Plus (Written in 2008. I think it is time to do a reassessment on costs for this, but the article is quite popular.)
  4. Career Welfare Recipients (Unfortunately, due to the ignorance of some people, I had to take this article off the blog. I want my blog to concentrate on helping others, not pushing them down further. There were a few other articles that were taken off the blog as well.)
  5. How Others are not Spending Money

If you haven’t read the articles listed above, now is the perfect time to do so.

Happy New Year!



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