Performing Updates

The new year has me making updates to this site. I decided I did not like the last theme, and am hoping this new one will be better. It looks like things are missing right now, and they are! I will be working on this, but it will take a little time. It will all work out if everyone has some patience with me. I have begun updates while at work, in between checking out guests. There are some things for the blog I am unable to do while at work, though. I will have to work on them at home when I have time.

The name has had another change, because I am trying to find one that matches what I am trying to say. I want this blog to concentrate on living a frugal lifestyle, whether you each want to live it or you need to.  Either way, frugal living is a lifestyle and we can live in Fabulously!

My question to you: How are you going to make 2014 your most rockin’ frugal year?

Happy New Year!



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