New Name. Same Blog.

Anyone can live a frugal life, whether they have money or not. This is part of the reason the blog name was changed. The other reason is that I am tied of reading how ‘low-income’/welfare people are so horrid – when they aren’t all like that.


I want this blog to aid everyone in living frugally, not just those in need. I want to be able to post ideas, and not be hit with the prejudices of people against welfare.


Especially in an economy where this help is needed so much. Where middle class has become the “new low-income”. Where people who never thought they would need aid before – are forced into getting help just so their families can survive.


So, I am closing comments to this post and I have closed some older posts, and I am going to carry on with helping those who desire it. Over the next few months I will cleaning up the blog. I am not sure how yet. Maybe a new theme, mainstreaming the categories… whatever will aid in making it look better. Some guest posts may be leaving, to keep the blog in the direction I want to go.


So expect more posts on living frugally, and less comments degrading those in need.


I still find it hard to believe that this blog gets so much traffic, and has so many followers. I love it. I really do. I love the comments and emails from people who this blog helps. It is a heartwarming experience for me.


Know that I screen comments, so you can write about how your family is doing and what you are doing to survive. You can tell your story, and I will not allow anyone to degrade your efforts.


A helpful community is what I desire, not one where people put others down.


Have a wonderful day, and keep coming back for more advice, life stories and changes.




P.S. The site URL is staying the same, at least for now. Only the name has changed. Visit the sister blog: Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy. And be sure to check out my Examiner pages: Bangor Single Mom, Bangor Frugal Living


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