Shop Your Way Rewards!

Big Kmart discount store in Ontario, Oregon (USA).
Big Kmart discount store in Ontario, Oregon (USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kmart has this awesome program called Shop Your Way Rewards. Not long ago, the use of this card coupled with a store coupon netted me 5 bottles of Xtra laundry detergent for about $1.88 each. I gave 2 to my daughter and her roommate, am using 1 (which will take a long while) and have two in reserve for later use.


This card has also netted me pants and a pajama top for $2.99 each, and a variety of other savings.


The use of this card not only nets me savings, it also earns me points. I recently cashed in some of the points, because I needed some personal hygiene items and had no cash. My total bill was almost $8.00, but I spent nothing. I did not even hand over cash for taxes. And I still have more points to use.


Because Kmart is right near walk, I do a lot of shopping there. Most of the shopping is not on full price items. I shop sales, use coupons, and ❤ clearance sales. I buy what I need most of the time, and the occasional DVD of a favorite movie for $5.00.


Do you have one of these cards yet? How would you use one to save money on your needs?





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