How Others are not Spending Money

Auckland Botanical Gardens, Manukau, Auckland,...
Auckland Botanical Gardens, Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand (Photo credit: Sandy Austin)


It always amazes me to hear that there are people who spend so little money. People who do not buy into this need to earn and spend, earn and spend.They do not care about material possessions. Many do not need the safety net of having a permanent home. Someplace to call theirs.


I envy them, I really do. I often think about leaving everything behind and just walking. Spending day after day, traveling places on foot. With just a few possessions, including my camera and laptop so I can record what I see.


I thought I would share some links with you today:


Family Lives Without Money – By Choice – and Thrives


German Grandmother Lives Money Free – and Has Never Been Happier


German Bin-Divers get Connected to Wage War on Food Waste


The (R)evolution – in Harmony with the Earth


No Groceries for a Year: How one Family Saved Money, Lost Weight and Lived Well


Enjoy the reads!






3 thoughts on “How Others are not Spending Money

  1. I think those articles are fantastic but yahoo did some really craptastic reporting I want to clarify a few things. is not about sharing dumpster dived foods. It is people clearning out pantries, left over from parties ect as the main concept. Do some people dumpsterdive I am sure they do but its not the concept of the site like they make it sound.

    And as far as living without money— I call b*. There is no universal health care there is socialized healthcare we pay monthly. In the event he is unemployed then he would get first unemployment then after that welfare. Now sure he could refuse to apply, but he is legally required to carry halth insurance under german law. If you are on welfare the government pays your health insurance, but only when you are hartz 4. That means they also pay rent and give you a living stipend.

    I think its honorable, but I think he is utalizing resources that he is not making public. There is no free universal health care here.

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