Low-Income and Living Deliberately

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sa...
English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sans abri à Tokyo. Español: Persona sin hogar, en las calles de Tokio. Türkçe: Evsiz adam, Tokyo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Recently, I received correspondence from Fay Johnson, founder and editor of the new magazine deliberateLIFE. She inquired about my reading her magazine and sharing my thoughts with you, my readers. I immediately thought this was a good opportunity, and agreed to receive a free copy to read. I am pleased that I agreed.


I was amazed with the scope and content of the magazine, as well as with the writers. Fay has done a wonderful job putting this magazine together.


The magazine is geared toward inspiring readers to live life well (one of my focuses!) and to do good for others. It guides readers in making wise spending choices, living within their communities, and understanding what is going on in the world around them.


Of note was a series of articles based on how specific communities are deal with homelessness issues. It was very interesting to read about communities in other areas of the world, how they live with homelessness, and aid the homeless.


The magazine deals with some of the same issues as this blog: Upcycling and greening come to mind. There are how-to articles and ones dealing with food. Much information for someone living deliberately. I came away with some tips to help in my living low-income goals, and ones that I might not be able to afford enacting but none the less enjoyed reading about.


This magazine is put out every other month, and costs $4.99 per issue. A discount is given if you order for an entire year – $20.00. It is published through iPad Newsstand. This would make a great gift.







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