No Money for a Vehicle?

Wizard of OZ bike at the Harris farm
Wizard of OZ bike at the Harris farm (Photo credit: rickjg)


I am not sure why it is expected that everyone will be able to afford a car, insurance, gas and upkeep. Not everyone can. I also am not sure why there are some people think they are better than someone who cannot afford one. The person without the vehicle may very well be less in debt. Not a bad thing at all. We are, after all, supposed to be living within our means.


The kicker is that I have noticed some of these people who look down on those who cannot afford a vehicle, complain about welfare recipients have vehicles because said vehicle looks nice and ‘appears’ to have cost oh so much money. Never mind that it likely isn’t even a new car, but a used one. Possibly even one that had been donated to a program that offers the cars to low-income families.


Hmmm… sometimes there is no winning.


I for one, do not drive. No big deal. I get to where I need to go in a variety of ways.


  1. I walk many places. Sometimes, I will walk a number of miles in a day. It is good for me, and I am treading lightly on the environment. I walk to do my shopping, to eat out once in a while, to visit friends.
  2. I take the city bus. Yup, not exactly a great way to get places when you have germ issues like I do, but I get by. Some rides are worse than others.
  3. A cab is another way to get places, though it is significantly more expensive. It costs me $20.00 to get to the hospital if the need be. Obviously, I do not choose this mode of transportation often.
  4. Carpooling is another option. I pay $1.00 per ride to work, and $1.00 per ride home, this way. In some cases a little more. But it is affordable.


A bicycle would also be a good way to get places, but I am pretty accident prone. Walking is likely the best choice for me if I don;t want to rack up hospital bills 😉 I see college students with a basket attached to the front or back of their bike. (Think The Wizard of Oz, because some of these bikes are pretty old.)


So, what are the benefits of alternate types of transportation? Some include:


  1. They allow you to live more frugally.
  2. They (most) allow you to tread more lightly on the earth.
  3. They bring you closer to others, because you spend more time with them.
  4. The money you give to someone you are carpooling with saves them money as well, especially if they go right by your home anyway. They can use that money to fill the gas tank every so often, or set it aside longer to help toward maintenance on their vehicle.


What alternative modes of transportation do you use? Even if you are lucky enough to own a vehicle, you may choose another mode for some of the reasons given above.









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