Saving with a Coupon and Rewards Card

No love for laundry
No love for laundry (Photo credit: stillframe)


On the way to work the other day, I stopped in at KMart to pick up a few things. They were having undergarments on sale at 50% off (saving me $7.50 on the two items I purchased) as well 75 ounce bottles of Xtra laundry detergent at $2.49 each.


I had noticed a coupon for the laundry detergent while I had some downtime in laundry the weekend before, and decided that I was going to take advantage. In order to reap the rewards of the coupon, you had to have a rewards card. I have one of these, so I was determined that I would stock up on laundry the detergent.


The detergent was being sold (with coupon + card) for $1.88 per bottle, with a maximum number of 5 bottles that could be purchased per transaction. I purchased all 5.


Living on my own, I was only two or three loads of laundry a week. This is a huge difference from washing one or two loads per day when the girls lived at home and I was taking care of other children.


I kept 3 bottles.


I gave 2 bottles to my daughter Zowie and her roommate.


The three bottles should last me the winter and into the spring months.


My total saving for this trip was $10.55. Not bad 🙂


Are you taking advantage of coupons and your rewards card when doing so will truly be beneficial?





2 thoughts on “Saving with a Coupon and Rewards Card

  1. Do the coupons for KMart come in the weekend paper? I use my rewards card when I go, but didn’t know they had coupons. I have saved a lot of money using the rewards card whey I buy stuff. The points system they have works well.

    1. Yes. You can use any coupon with the card, But KMart has weekly fliers that go out in the weekend paper (at least here in Maine) that have specific coupons for members only. Take advantage and stock up when they have something you use. This will save a good amount of money throughout the year. I get free stuff there every few months just by using the points, without benefit of coupons. I have also gotten myself pants for only $2.99 a pair using just the card with clearance sales.

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