Frugal Autumn Decorating

It is hard to believe that autumn is already under way. The summer went by so quickly, I was not entirely prepared.

A couple weeks back I was trying to decide how I was going to decorate the room that I rent for the autumn sabbats and holidays (Fall Equinox, Samhain, Yule and Thanksgiving). I needed to decorate for everything on a budget of $20.00, and keep in mind that I do not have any real space for things. I decided that I would decorate just once for the entire season. My main concern was to simply bring some of the autumn colors from outside, in.

NOTE: Because I rent a room upstairs in a house where no one lives on the bottom floor, I do not expect to hear trick-or-treater’s if they come to the door. I have decided to go to my daughter, Zowie’s, for a couple of hours, and purchased a bag of candy for $2.00 to add to what she and her roommate hand out to the children who knock on their door. They live in a development that houses many families. Because of this, I do not actually need scary decorations.

NOTE: What I kept for decorations when I moved are in storage, and would not fit well in my little room even if I took the time to go get them.

I decided that my main theme would be ‘autumn’, and purchased items accordingly:

5 sheets of window clings depicting leaves and pumpkins $5.00

5 autumn scented (small) candles $1.50

1 large jar candle (cinnamon scented) (clearance) $4.99

Construction paper to make pumpkins to hang in the windows $1.89       



tax .67



I still have a few dollars to work with I want to pick up anything else. I am thinking mini pumpkins/squash to place amongst the little candles on my windowsill.

How are you decorating affordable? Are you reusing things from previous years? Shopping thrift stores? Crafting?



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