10 Frugal Thanksgiving Ideas

English: Candy corn, specifically Brach's cand...
English: Candy corn, specifically Brach’s candy corn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next month, but it is. I will be spending my Thanksgiving at my daughter Zowie’s place. She moved into her first apartment this past May, and is excited to start her own traditions. I believe she wants me to contribute the turkey, and I have offered to head over there right after work that day to help her cook. Her roommate (and her roommates mom0 will also be there. When we are done eating, we will decorate for Yule/Christmas.




There are many ways to save money on Thanksgiving. Here are 10 to get you started. Feel free to contribute your own ideas in the comments below.


  1. Have each guest contribute a dish. This might be a pie, or even a vegetable dish.
  2. Ask guests to contribute cups, or silverware as well, if you do not want to have to wash these types of items after everyone leaves. It will be quicker to wash cookware.
  3. Shop the dollar store for decorations and other necessary items.
  4. Stick to the basics of decorating. Use produce that will keep for months, such as pumpkins and winter squash, to decorate the front porch. Place them in a basket.
  5. Fill vases with acorns and pine cones.
  6. Place a basket of fresh apples on the table. This will serve as a centerpiece, as well as a serving container.
  7. Have children decorate sheets of orange and yellow construction paper for the holiday, using them as place mats.
  8. Make napkin rings using sections of toilet paper rolls covered with construction paper, gluing a leaf and an acorn to each for decoration. Collecting these natural components is another great activity for children.
  9. Place a small bowl or basket on each end table and the coffee table. Fill them with either homemade oatmeal cookies, or candy corn.
  10. Make a bread basket liner from leftover orange, yellow or brown fabric.



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