Guest Article: Top 10 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

contributed by Vanesse Chambers
Grocery shopping can eat up your weekly budget. This is especially true if you have hungry boys in your house. In order to save money during your trips to the supermarket, follow these following tips.1) Take Shopping Lists

Money (Photo credit: 401K)

Never ever shop with out a shopping list! This way you know exactly what you need and you will not get seduced by other products. Buying things at random will cost you more money. Do not stray from the list whatever you do!

2) Use Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are like free money. Stores give you discounts for being a frequent shopper or buying certain products. Some stores may even give you cash back depending on the program. Sign up for one the next time you are at the store.

3) Get Off Brand

If you by the discount version of pasta or chips, no one will notice. You will be saving a few dollars on something that tastes exactly the same as the more expensive version. There is a line, however. Never buy discount wine, cheese or Coke ;).

4) Buy Multi Packs

Everyone knows that buying in bulk is cheaper. When things are on sale in a multi pack, snatch that up! You may not need it all right now, but you will eventuality use it. Being prepared is the way to go when shopping for groceries.

5) Clip and Save

Find the coupons and clip them! Coupons can save you so much money if you use them right. There have been TV specials on people who make money using coupons. You do not need to be crazy about this, but it does not hurt to at least look at what is out there.

6) Not So Fresh

Day old bread or soon to be old milk are often discounted. Take a look at these and see if your family would eat them. Dairy products often stay fine at least a couple days off of their sell by date. Bread can always be toasted to give an illusion of freshness too.

7) No Hungry Shopping

Whatever you do, never go shopping when you are hungry. You will only want to buy everything that whets your appetite. If you cannot grab lunch, at least eat a snack before going.

8) Discount Store Shopping

Why not try a super store instead of the corner grocer? You can save so much money by getting your shipping done here. It may be a pain to go to a big store and beat the crowd. Yet, it will be worth the money you saved at the end of the day.9) Wait for Promotions

If there is something on your list that can wait, then you should wait for it to go on sale. Check the weekly ad
s to see if there is every a promotion. Hold out until the last minute. This also works for any item you use regularly. Buying it on sale makes now more sense than paying full price a few weeks later.

10) Shop Alone!

Do not bring the kids! They will only want the worst sugary foods out there. Those are expensive snacks targeted towards kids. If you go alone, they will not be tempted and you will not feel guilty.

In conclusion, follow these steps to save on your next grocery trip. You will save money and get everything you need.

Vanesse Chambers writes about saving money, frugal finance & frequenting

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