Guest Article: 5 Frugal Outings for Your Family

contributed by Melissa Cleo

With school almost out, kids are going to want to do some fun things this summer. Money may be tight, but that does not mean you cannot have fun. All you need is a little creativity and to stay local. Save your money for your vacation. While at home, take advantage of free events or take picnics. There is so much you can do with barely spending a dime. The following list offers you some suggestions to get your mind rolling of what you can do with the kids this summer.

Kids Watching House Burn Down
Kids Watching House Burn Down (Photo credit: Kiwi NZ)

1) The Park
The park is the number one place to go with kids during the summer. It is free and it has jungle gyms! The kids can run around after a delicious picnic. You can sit in the sun and read a magazine. This is self-entertainment at its best.

2) The Beach
If you live near the beach, then go! Go! There is nothing better than a day at the beach. You can soak up the sun and the kids can play in the sand. This is just like the park, only better. The only downside is it can get too hot. No beach? Head to the lake or a friend’s pool. Same idea and still free.

3) Home Sweet Home!
If it is raining outside, why not just stay home and do some art project? You can even make a giant fort and watch movies. Play a rousing board or card game. You can even bake cookies! There is so much that you can do at home that will keep the kids occupied and not in front of the TV. If it is hot outside, t

hen turn on the sprinkler and let them run around until they pass out. Home can be fun if you have imagination!

4) Discount Movies
Most movie theatres have discount days or they give you a cheaper rate at a matinee. Take advantage of this and take the kids to the movies! Sometimes movie theatres have special programs for kids during the summer where they can get a special movie pass or free snacks. Ask your local theatre what events they have planned for the kids. A movie is a great place cool down during a hot summer ‘s day.

5) McDonald’s

OK, this probably would not be at the top of your list. However, there is no denying kids love McDonald’s. It is a cheap meal and there is a playground. Plus, there is free wifi for you! Take them there so you can get some work done. Once again, this is self entertainment at its best. Just make sure they order apples instead of fries, and milk instead of pop!

All of these fun summer time activities are sure to entertain your kids during the summer. Just think of things you loved to do when you were young. Create treasure hunts around the house or go on a hike through the woods. Be creative and your kids will have an awesome frugal summer!


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