Helping My Daughter Get Set Up in Her First Place

Official seal of Town of Orono
Official seal of Town of Orono (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My daughter and her friend recently moved into their first apartment. They live just down the road from me, not far from the campus where they attend college. I purchased them some groceries, as well as a few other items to help them start out.

Last week I went to the Orono thrift shop. I spent $3.00 and came home with 4 each of spoons, forks and butter knives, a cork screw, a wooden spoon, 2 steak knives and a few cooking utensils.

Hands of Hope is a thrift shop located in Bangor. I met my daughter, Zowie, and Mandi there after work last Thursday. The bill came to $40 and some change, but I was given a discount card that lowered my bill to $38 and change. I purchased them some cooking food prep utensil, a few cups, a plate, some cookware, a slow cooker, a few bowls and other items for their kitchen. I managed to pick up quite a few items for them.

We then visited Kmart, leaving with a dish towel and cloth, and a vegetable peeler. These items were $2.99 each, plus tax. I used my Rewards points, plus saved $2.00, spending a total of $1.25.

Then we went to the Family Dollar in Old Town, where I picked them up a toilet brush in a holder a few dollars cheaper than we found at Kmart, as well as a blender.

Zowie’s aunt and cousin are going through things for them, and Mandi’s father will be getting them a couple pieces of furniture. My mom is giving them an end table/night stand. All-in-all, they are off to pretty good start.



3 thoughts on “Helping My Daughter Get Set Up in Her First Place

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