Guest Post: Controlling Your Compulsive Shopping Syndrome

A typical credit card terminal that is still p...
A typical credit card terminal that is still popular today. visanet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

contributed by Brenda Lyttle

The warm Sunday afternoon does nothing to relieve your stress till you enter your favorite shop. You can feel the stress diminishing for the day at least, as you buy your exclusive halloween costume 2012, or that lovely dress across the window display that seem to be perfectly made for you. Now you are completely relaxed. Does this sound familiar? If so, then you are one of those people suffering from Compulsive Shopping Syndrome.

Omniomania or Compulsive Shopping, as it is commonly known, is a behavioral addiction that gives the shopper a temporary feeling of happiness and is a way of dealing with stress and many disturbances or even monotony of daily life.

Mindless shopping often leave shopaholics piled under the stress of credit card bills that go a lot beyond what they can afford to pay, as well as bad credit scores. Follow the tips given below to rid yourself of this retail therapy before you are financially ruined:

  • Write Down Your Expenses – One of the best ways to keep a check on your shopping trips is to jot down all expenses, down to the last cent. Do this for a month and you will know how much your expenses are. This will also help you know where the money flows every month.
  • Analyze The Reason For Your Splurge – After you know the money that went into so much shopping, you must sit and think about what made you splurge on that particular day. Was your shopping spree a response to some emotional trauma or stress? If so, what can you do to control yourself next time such a thing happens?
  • Seek Psychotherapy – If, after all the soul-searching, you are still unable to control yourself, then seek the help of a psychologist. There are personal and couple counseling sessions too. So, if you feel that you cannot meet the psychologist alone, go with someone with whom you are close – maybe, your spouse of friend or sibling – whoever you are comfortable with.
  • Join a Support Group – Alternatively, you can join a support group where you will meet other shopaholics and can learn from their experiences. Such groups have people who used to suffer from Compulsive Shopping Syndrome but are now over it. They will be able to tell you how they overcame their compulsiveness and you can learn of new ways to control yourself.

Remember, that Compulsive Shopping Syndrome is a serious issue and you have to address it and deal with it. And the only way to deal with it is to address your emotional issues or the trigger that makes you shop.


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