Saving Money at Kmart

Kmart's original logo used until 1990. This lo...
Kmart's original logo used until 1990. This logo was also used by Kmart Australia from 1980 until 1991. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I visited Kmart. I needed a few toiletries and food items. While there, I looked through the clearance racks to see if they had anything I wold wear. I came across two tank tops and a pair of leggings for only $2.99 each.

The leggings were regularly $14.99, marked down to $8.99 and then to $2.99.

I have no idea how much the tank tops were originally.

Now, I spent over $100.00 that day, purchasing the above items as well as some things for work lunches and some personal items. But the clothes were not on my list. They were added extras, purchased only because they were being sold at clearance prices. I always watch clearance sales, and usually have at least an extra $20.00 in my purse to jump on these deals.

I have a rewards card for this store, which is racking me up points every time I shop. Later, these points will allow me to ‘purchase’ items for free. Right now, I can get over $7.00 of stuff free, but I am waiting until there are more points on the card.

With this card, I also earned a $5.00 gift card during that shopping trip, which I can use beginning the ninth. I think it was because I spent over $50.00, but am not completely sure. Either way, it is like having an extra $5.00 in my purse.

So, get a rewards card. It will save you money over time.



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