Blessings from the Inn

Inn lobby

I have been working at an Inn located in the city of Bangor for a few months, and often bring home usable items that are left in rooms by the guests. We put items in the lost and found for a month, then whoever found them gets to keep them. Sometimes people call and get their items back. Often they do not. These items are usually quite helpful, and I can usually find someone to take anything that I will not use.

Other times, people leave items with their tips. These are especially for whoever cleans their room that day. Once, someone left me a bunch of books. Another time, I was given a bunch of soaps, shampoos and other trial size personal hygiene items.

Food and beverages that are left in the rooms are not held in the lost and found. If it is a great deal of food, we may keep it at the Inn until the next day. Usually, we just get to take food items straight home with us.

These blessings allow is to save money, and are much appreciated.

One blessing that I received was a wallet, a Prada (I do believe that is the label). My daughter Zowie was very excited to receive that one.



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