The Best Way to Use Coupons

While shopping, I try to use coupons in specific ways. These tactics do not occur during every trip to the store but, when they do, I am able to save the most money.


  1. Clearance Items: Our local IGA has carts placed strategically throughout their store. These carts hold deeply discounted items. A coupon used for any of the items might net me many free items. If not free, I might only spend a few scents per item. This saves a lot of money throughout the year.

  2. Discounted Refrigerator Items: These items often cost just under a dollar. A ten or twenty-five scent coupon helps me to save a little more on the marked down item, allowing me to stock up.

  3. $ Days Sales: I have a list of items that are usually sold for a dollar during these sales. I make it a point to save coupons for these items so that I can take advantage and stock up.

  4. Trial Sizes: I can often get these for a quarter. Sadly, these items usually cost between .75 and $1.00 these days, so you need a good coupon such as those for .50 to .75 cents to make purchasing the items worth your effort. Even then, it may be better to shop a dollar store that takes coupons. Still, on occasion, I am able to get a trial size item for free.

Using coupons for regular sales is also helpful, but incorporating the tactics above will net you the best in savings.



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