Shopping the Dollar Tree

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The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. It provides me with many essentials.

Now that I have decided to rent this room (until I can get into a one bedroom apartment), I am going to have to make a few purchases, especially for bathroom which I share with the neighbor. Most of the items I wish to place in that room can be found at the Dollar Tree, so I will not have to break the bank to get what I need.

There is not much that is required, but there are a few things I need for cleaning and storage. For instance, I will be able to pick up the broom and dustpan, as well as a toilet brush in a holder. Baskets will also be needed to place shampoos, soaps and other items in. My intent is to share these items (which I get for free) with both of my neighbors. I also want a tall basket/bucket to put the mostly used toilet paper rolls in that I bring home from work.

I already acquired magnets, pot holders, dish towels and dishcloths for my room, as well as a cooking spoon and a plate.

There are other items that can be purchased at a dollar store as well, such as personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies. Some of the food items are very good, and will save you money on groceries, and school supplies and arts and crafts supplies are often sold at these stores as well.

Be sure to ask your cashier if the store accepts coupons. Some do, and this will aid you in saving even more money during shopping trips.



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