100 Things About Me # 9: Work and Gleaning

I work at an inn located in Bangor, Maine, and I am a writer. The Inn is changing over from the Comfort Inn to a Quality Inn, and those of us who work there have been blessed to be able to take some of the Comfort Inn products home for our own use. I also managed to get quite a bit of personal hygiene products for some of the students on campus. More is being given to a selection of causes.

I came home one day last week with a bunch of notepads and pens, shampoos and conditioners, bath and face soaps, and some paper cups.

We are able to glean partially used items from the Inn at times. Items that have been left by guests in their rooms, that must be removed. Partially used shampoos, lotions, notepads and rolls of toilet paper about that are almost all used

Official seal of Bangor, Maine
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. Sometimes people leave other personal hygiene items, such as conditioner.

People leave suitcases, clothing, pillows and any number of other things in their rooms as well, which we place in the lost and found. If no one claims the items within a month, we can take them home.



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