Fun, Affordable Get-Togethers: New Years’ Eve

Get-togethers are a great deal of fun. Hanging out with family and friends aids in strengthening bonds, and helps you to destress at the holidays.

This is apparently the actual ball which will ...
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There are many options for get-togethers on new Year’s Eve that will be enjoyed by all who attend. Do not go over board on the number of guests, or the refreshments being served.

I have only 1 idea for this holiday 🙂

Make it a family event. Play a long running game such as Monopoly with the children, then turn on the television for the festivities. They may or may not make it to see the ball drop, but you can set up ‘beds’ on the living room floor so they can fall asleep any time. The adults can play cards at the table once the children are settled.

A pasta meal, complete with a tossed salad and garlic bread can be served, and a New Years’ cake. That the children helped to make early in the day.

To save money:

  • Bake from scratch.

  • Purchase needed items on sale, with a coupon or using both methods.

  • Have others help with the cost.

  • Check out the local dollar store to see what deals they might have.

  • Use ingredients you have on hand.

  • Use pasta sauce made and preserved using your own garden produce.


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