Affordable Entertainment for the Winter Months

Tre personer som åker långfärdsskridsko
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The winter months can be cold and dreary, as well as wet, but there is plenty of fun to be had for free or almost free. Families will have fun hanging out. Doing things together often helps to strengthen family bonds.

Some ideas for winter fun activities:

  • Card games such as Rummy and Canasta can be played.

  • Board games like Monopoly, The Game of Life and Triond are fun.

  • A movie night complete with soda and air popped corn costs little, especially when renting from a Blockbuster box for a buck a movie.

  • With a few plastic block makers, your family will have a great time building snow forts.

  • You can also spend a day making a snow family.

  • Snowball fight!!!! Start one of these secretly, when the children are all outside.

  • A sledding party is great fun! Bring hot chocolate and paper cups for everyone. Each family can bring something different, such as cookies or coffee for the parents.

  • An ice skating party can be done the same way.

There are ways to save money on the activities listed above. For instance:

  • Ice skates can be found cheap at yard sales, or affordably at second hand sports shops.

  • Board games can be purchased throughout the year at thrift shops and yard sales.

  • Decks of cards are cheap at a dollar store.

  • A sled would make a great gift from grandparents.



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