Wood Stove

Lincoln family wood fired stove in the kitchon...
Image via Wikipedia

I was thinking about heating options again the other day. Some day, I would like to have a wood stove. I have already decided against a pellet stove, because I want to be able to burn other items as well. A good wood stove will provide me with more options in a pinch.

I would love an old one from back in the day, but it will be necessary to have it looked at before hand to be sure it is safe. Plenty of people still use them with success. I could purchase a new one but would want it to at least look old…

Here is an article detailing some important information about choosing a wood stove for your home.

So… someday when I have my homestead, a wood stove might be my way of heating the home. Having one will certainly save on heating costs.



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