Fun, Affordable Get-Togethers: Yule

Get-togethers are much fun because you are able to spend quality time with family and friends. You are given an opportunity to visit and destress from the hectic sabbat season.

There are many options for get-togethers before Yule that will be enjoyed by all who attend. Do not go over board on the number of guests, or the refreshments being served. Mulled cider

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is always a welcome beverage.

  1. Baking Day

    many items can be baked or otherwise prepared that will give each person treats to have on hand at their own home, as well as provide you with items for the Yule feast. Orange cupcakes with white frosting, sun shaped sugar cookies and a Yule log are but a few examples of what can be prepared.

  2. Crafting Day

    Hand crafted items make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Start your day with a walk, bringing along baskets to hold the treasures you find in nature. If you can think of a craft for something, pick it up. Twigs can be used with yarn to make pentacle ornaments for a Yule tree. Small rocks might cover an old wooden picture frame.

To save money:

  • Bake from scratch.

  • Purchase needed items on sale, with a coupon or using both methods.

  • Have others help with the cost.

  • Bake multiple goodies at once.

  • Check out the local dollar store to see what deals they might have.

  • Use materials you have on hand.


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