Getting Ready for Winter 101: Shovels and Salt


With winter right around the corner, it is time purchase necessities or take them out of storage. My suggestion is to use good quality items, as they will last longer. This, in turn, means you will spend less money over time.


I suggestion one for each family member. I also like to have an extra one for out back. To save money, it is possible to purchase 1 shovel and have everyone take turns shoveling throughout the day. This method takes longer but works.

I also suggest a scoop shovel rather than a flatter one, as moving snow is easier with the scoop. I purchased one for less than $15.00, including tax, this year.

Ice Melt

What you use may depend on the materials used to build your steps or deck. Use whatever is cheap but will work. Some people use non-clumping cat litter. I prefer ice melt. I spent about $4.00 on a small bag and expect it to last most, if not all, of the winter.

Whatever you choose, store it in a bucket. Many people use an old cat litter bucket with a cover. Keep a small jar in the bucket for scooping.


If you have a flat roof you may need a tool for getting at the snow up there. It has a long handle and allows you to pull the snow down.

I have a slightly slanted roof so my main concern was with pulling the snow down from the edges. I do not want ice forming and breaking windows when it comes down. I pull the snow down with a broom or a shovel, from over windows and doors.


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