Fun, Affordable Get-Togethers: Thanksgiving

Plate of Cookies By: cohdra on

Get-togethers are a great deal of fun. Hanging out with family and friends aids in strengthening bonds, and helps you to destress at the holidays.

There are many options for get-togethers before Thanksgiving that will be enjoyed by all who attend. Do not go over board on the number of guests, or the refreshments being served.

  1. Cookie Making Day

    This day is spent baking cookies for the actual Thanksgiving meal. I f you choose cookies that can be frozen until needed, this event can be held anytime during the beginning of November. Choose three or for types of cookies to make, such as pumpkin-chocolate chip, peanut butter, white chocolate chip and no bakes. Make enough batches to send a plate full of cookies home with each person, as well as to be served at Thanksgiving.

  2. Pie Making Day

    A wonderful day before Thanksgiving activity. Each person will get to keep one of each type of pie, and there will be plenty left over for the next days meal. Pumpkin, apple, banana cream and chocolate-peanut butter pies are only a few options.

To save money:

  • Bake from scratch.

  • Purchase needed items on sale, with a coupon or using both methods.

  • Have others help with the cost.

  • Use produce from your own garden.

  • Bake multiple goodies at once.

  • Check out the local dollar store to see what deals they might have.


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