Planning a Toy Swap

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One way to recycle used toys is by getting together with other families to have a community toy swap. You will be able to hand over your child’s’ old toys and be able to get them ‘new’ ones.

This event can take place outside during good weather, but can also be done in a large room or the garage. Whatever is convenient.

Some things to consider when planning one of these events:

  • Signs and other types of ads should be in place at least 4 weeks in advance, 6 weeks would be better.

  • Fliers can be placed at most libraries, as well as on community bulletin boards. Information to provide includes the date or dates the event will take place, times and the intended location. Include a number for people to call to register for the book swap, as well as a rain date… just in case.

  • Be clear in the ad that each family wishing to join in on the swap will be asked to bring a refreshment or something else that will be helpful, to be determined at the time of registration. Make note of possibilities before the fliers are posted so you have an idea of what you want.

  • How you will keep foods and beverages cold? Where will you set up tables for food placement? Look at the intended location to be sure that these can be set up out of direct sunlight.

  • How will you acquire the tables and chairs that will be used in the food area? It is okay to ask people working the swap to bring a blanket for a picnic.

  • Where will families place items they no longer want when they arrive? Ask those who will not be attending if they would prefer to drop their old toys off. This will give you a chance to get some things set up ahead of time.

  • Contact local radio stations to see if they will mention the event on air. Post to newspapers.

  • Decide what guidelines to give when people register, such as only toys and games with all their pieces and that are in good condition, and consider whether people will be able to exchange on a toy to toy basis, a box or bag of toys exchanged for another, or some other way. Explain that leftovers will be donated.

  • Will the toys be separated by vendor or category? How will they be displayed/set up? Ask each family to sort them beforehand according to how they will be set up.

  • Ask people to bring their own bags and boxes to put their findings in, but have extras available.

  • Are there local businesses that will donate food or other items? Explain that the event is being put on for charitable purposes.

  • Decide how the donations will be delivered to whomever they will be going to. Items should be delivered within a two or three days of the event. Call the library, daycare centers and childcare homes, and thrift shops in your area.

For More Swap Ideas:

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When you decide to do a toy swap, email, with information such as your name and how you can be contacted. Include a link to the website of the event if one exists. A writeup on your event will appear on this blog, and links will be posted to Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Planning a Toy Swap

  1. you can also try peace. love. swap -they have swap events ALL YEAR! -each event is ONLY $5 – you can bring what you aren’t using any more – and take what you need – it’s that simple (books, toys -large and small- clothes, bouncy seats – you name it..) Plus… our leftovers go to charity. So you get rid of your old, get ‘new to you’ and help those in need. We have several locations through out the US. Don’t have a p.l.s event near you? Start your own! make extra money, get FREE stuff for your kids, give back to your community AND help the environment! It’s the best home based business you will ever run :). Here is what one of our swap organizers wrote about us in Money Saving Mom . Since 2009 peace. love. swap has produced over 100 swap events, donated over 87,000 baby, kid and maternity items to charity, and swapped over 130,000 items!! Happy swapping~
    meg/peace. love. swap founder

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