One Way to Recycle

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Periodically in our lives, we go through our belongings to get rid of items we no longer need. Often, people throw items away or send them to a charitable thrift shop.

Saving items for your children is another option, and it allows you to recycle the items in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Store as many items as is possible in plastic totes or trunks, rather than cardboard. The totes will also be able to be recycled by your child.

  • Label each tote or trunk according to room or items inside.

  • Be choosy, storing only what you know your child will be able to use in her first home.

  • During the last couple of years your child is at home, start storing fabric lined furniture that you have replaced if you have room.

To store these items:

  • Place risers under your childs’ bed to store things under it.

  • Use the top shelf in her closet to store some items.

  • Place some items in the garage or a shed.

  • When your child goes off to college, use her room to store her stuff leaving her enough room to get to her bed, closet and dresser.

All of the items that you save for your child will allow her to save money while setting up her first home. Be aware that this process is acceptable for sons as well.



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