When Done Homeschooling

office supplies
Image by 19melissa68 via Flickr

Many people believe that they need to sell all of the homeschool materials and supplies when they are done homeschooling their children. This can be a time consuming task, though profitable.

I did not have time to concentrate on selling all of our old homeschool stuff. Instead, I:

  1. Repurposed office supplies that I would be able to use for my writing business, such as pens and notebooks.

  2. Repurposed art and craft supplies, as well as some of the books, for my daycare.

  3. Gave educational games to friends and family.

  4. Kept some of the classics for my own reading pleasure.

  5. Sold a few things in a yard sale.

  6. Gave away everything else.

Other Ideas:

  1. Bring everything to the last homeschool meetings you attend to offer to other families who will be able to use them.

  2. Offer items to non homeschool families that you need. They can use supplies, and often reference books.

  3. If items are new or look new, give them to kids as gifts.


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