Dear Frugal Diary 5/25/2011

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It seems there are always ways in which we can be more frugal. I becoming more and more frugal as I live and work in this world, while thinking about the things that are important in life. Buying things is not as important to me as doing things and loving people. I do not need as much now as I used to, in order to be happy. Are any of you experiencing such feelings?

There are, of course, things that I need. A couple pair of pants and some socks come to mind. I recently purchased a pair of shoes, as well as a laptop for work. I consider all of these things necessities. Mind you, I only have two pair of pants and a few pair of socks right now, in desperate need of replacing. I tend to ware things out quite well before replacing these days.

I have let things go, like the land line phone service and internet. I mostly work on my freelance career at the library these days, and sometimes at my sisters. And at home for things I can accomplish offline in the word processor. I have no television channels, but do enjoy the DVD’s that I currently have. I have a basic NetFlix account where I get one DVD sent at a time for viewing, and my daughter can watch as many On Demand movies and shows as she wants while at college. This does not cost much a month. And I purchase a few new DVD’s every three or four months to add to my collection. I look for deals such as $5.00 DVD’s, and especially love it when I can find them at this price with multiple movies on them.

I have a cell… a StraightTalk one… so that I can be contacted by my daughter any time. She has medical conditions and I feel better knowing that she can get hold of me any time. Or that her school, friends or the hospital can.

I am also clearing things out. Getting rid of things that are not necessary to my life. I am doing this slowly, and not feeling particularly deprived. I usually give these items away. Even though I do not need them, someone else might.



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