Why I do not Allow Certain Comments to Post

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While I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I also believe that pointing an opinion out in a rude manner is immature and wrong. I believe that there are better ways of saying things than by making people feel two-feet high; than making them feel like dirt.

Due to these beliefs, I have always monitored comments for this blog. I refuse to send through anything that sounds like a child throwing a fit because they are not getting their own way. Intelligent conversation, respectful in manner , is good – even if you are not in agreement with a post or idea here. Fly-off-the-handle disgust or anger for others is not. Voice your opinions in a mature, non accusatory, manner and your posts will go through even if you do not agree with me or other people who comment.

As of the past month or so, I have been not putting many comments through on this blog even though the authors of the comments have brought up valid concerns. I have not allowed these to go through for one reason: The people sounded like abusive jerks. I don’t need that kind of thing, and neither do my readers.

At the same time, over on FaceBook I have heard many things as well, some of which is posted by people I know. Things that have the tendency to make a person feel real crappy about themselves. I vented on their yesterday morning about the comments I have been reading there as well as here, in a not-so-nice manner. Then, once calmed down, I felt like crap. I felt mean. I think I had just heard enough for a while.

Later, when I was in a better mood, I tried to make light of the whole situation. Whatever. I usually just ignore it all anyway, but I have been sleep deprived of late. I think that may be the reason why my normally calm demeanor concerning such things was, well, non-existent. Who knows. Maybe I just finally got angry.

Rather than fly off the handle here as well, I have decided that I  will write a series of posts addressing the concerns that people seem to have about welfare mothers – or fathers as the case may be. If you are one with a concern, and are able to voice this concern in an intelligent manner, please leave a comment and let me know. I will address the concerns as I have time.

The next six or so posts will deal with this topic.

Shannon L. Buck


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