Feature Article: Christmas Decorations and Wrapping Supplies for Five Dollars and Under

wrapped gifts under tree
Image by jimmiehomeschoolmom via Flickr

by Sheila Buck

When you are decorating and wrapping gifts while on a strict budget, it is important to be able to purchase the supplies you need for a reasonable price. If you shop your local Family Dollar, you can find many good quality choices for your holiday decorating and gift wrapping needs. If you are looking for good deals this holiday season, you can find the following items at your local Family Dollar store.

Door Decorations

Many people like to decorate their front doors for the holiday season. The Family Dollar offers some different choices for door decorations. These choices include:

  • A three piece door surround that goes around the top and sides of your front door. You can get these with a Santa picture, or a snowman.
  • If you like wind-stocks, you can purchase them at one of these stores. You can choose from Santa, a penguin or  a snowman.
  • They also offer plastic and foil door covers with a variety of designs.
  • They offer bell door hangers at a very reasonable price.
  • If you like to hang signs on your front door, you can purchase a variety of wooden signs. They have different holiday characters on them and have different sayings such as: A Santa that has the word “Christmas” and a snowman that has the phrase “Let it snow”.
  • You can also find plush door knob hangers.

Garlands and Lights

You can hang garlands and lights on your tree, around your door, around your windows or anywhere else you choose. The Family Dollar store offers different garland and light choices which include:

  • Clear lights
  • Colored lights
  • Fabric ribbon
  • Beaded garland
  • Tinsel garland
  • Foil garland
  • Bubble garland


There are also a variety of ornaments available that you can hang on your tree, or wherever else you choose. The ornaments come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You may find something that meets your needs. Ornament choices include:

  • Glitter bulbs
  • Bells
  • Finial ornaments
  • Wooden ornaments
  • Glass ornaments
  • Snowman and reindeer ornaments
  • Ornament hooks

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping gifts is one of those necessities during the holidays. In some department stores, gift wrapping supplies can be very expensive. The Family Dollar offers everything you need at a very reasonable price. Some gift wrapping supplies offered for purchase include:

  • Wrapping paper (single and four pack)
  • Gift boxes of many different sizes
  • Gift tags
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Bows
  • Gift bags in many sizes and different designs
  • Glitter boxes
  • Buckets
  • Baking tins

The Family Dollar store offers many Christmas decorations and wrapping supplies at a very reasonable price. You can purchase everything you need, and it is all priced at five dollars or less. The items are of good quality and are very affordable for those of us on a strict budget.


Sheila Buck is the single mom of two teenage boys. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Sheila is a freelance writer, and also writes books and short stories in her spare time. Sheila also writes for Frugal Recipes.


4 thoughts on “Feature Article: Christmas Decorations and Wrapping Supplies for Five Dollars and Under

  1. Years ago I bought (at the thrift store) a whole bunch of pillow cases for a quarter each. I ran cording through the top, and made them into large gift bags. The green, red ones I used for Christmas, and the bright blue ones I added felt snowflakes to. I also had some flannel ones with snowmen on them.

    My family is still using those, 10 years later! My total for about 15 bags, the cording, and a few embellishments was under $7.

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