New eCookBook on Frugal Recipes! Beverages on a Budget

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I am ecstatic! I have published another eCookBook! My self-imposed project to get all of the old recipes into eCookBooks is really coming along.

I am creating a series of eCookBooks using the recipes that were posted to this blog from 2007-2009. Now that these have begun to be published, I have begun to remove the old recipes that are featured in them off the site. I am doing this to free up space for new recipes and articles, but I want to keep the original recipes available for my readers.

I am also creating these eCookBooks as a way to earn a little extra cash. Who couldn’t use some of that? I am a freelance writer, and this is how I earn my money. By creating things for all of you, in the form of articles, eCookBooks and more. I do not make megabucks with this venture, so every little bit helps. I spend many hours a month creating all of this content for your reading (and eating!) pleasure, and this is my little way of creating an income stream for myself.

My most recent eCookBook has been published. It is called Beverages on a Budget. This eCookBook features the beverage recipes and information that was featured on the Frugal Recipes blog from 2007 to 2009.

I hope that you enjoy the eCookBook, and that you continue to visit this blog for new recipes and information regularly. Feel free to visit my online storefront on any time.

If you haven’t already, you can also purchase:

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Visit Frugal Recipes today! The eCookBook links are on the left sidebar.

Happy eating!

Shannon L. Buck

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