Autumn Themed Food and Garden Articles

I keep adding more and more food and garden related articles to the Frugal Recipes blog. Hope you are enjoying them. Here is a list of autumn related articles:

Food and Kitchen Articles:

I recently wrote a new article designed to help you create a pantry for food storage this winter. It is called How to Create a Pantry in and Extra Room.

Garden Articles:

I have written a few for this category of articles. The first is called How to Plan an Autumn Garden Party, and is a great way to spread the bounty of your garden.

The second article is titled How to Dry Herbs by Hanging. While written for the autumn months, this process actually takes place throughout the garden season.

Another article I wrote for the autumn season was How to Clean and Prepare Garden Spaces for Fall. It will guide you through the process of preparing ahead for spring planting.

Enjoy the articles and have a great autumn season.



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